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Franck Ayroles, 1975 | Abstract /Mixed media painter

Franck Ayroles is a professional painter engaged with Maison des Artistes and is a member of the organization ADAGP. Franck Ayroles was born in Saint-Nazaire.
He worked as a chief decorator and made a film with the comedian Philippe Le Maire after his studies in advertising and film.
Thereafter, he decided to become entirely focused in his artwork.

Painting has since childhood always been the big passion in his life.
During the 80s, Franck Ayroles joined and won many competitions organized by TF1 in the TV program "Bonjour la France" hosted by Jean Claude Bourret.

Afterwords he had numbers of private and group exhibitions that guided and led him to the success he has today.
In 2001, Franck Ayroles decided to discover new ways of seeing things and he stayed several times in Madagascar with Alliances Françaises and he went to Poland and Canada.
In 2003, Château de Bressuire organized a retrospective exhibition for his work.
In 2004, Le Conseil Géneral des Deux-Sèvres proposed him to design a sports trophy led by Dominique Rocheteau.

Franck Ayroles made a touring exhibition from 2005 until today and this French exhibition gave him the opportunity to have shows in many prestigious places: Le Centre des Monuments de France, several museums, cultural centers and in many towns.
Franck Ayroles has been invited repeatedly in TV-programs with Fanny Cottencon, Anne Hidalgo, Fadela Amara (2006), Ariane Ascaride (2008) and with Elisabeth Badinter (2010).
In 2007 a publisher contacted him to make a book, entitled "Femmes" which presents the artwork he has created during ten years.
Between 2009-2010 he worked and organized with MAIF a competition in poetry around the subject Mothers. This book is his second which presents his artwork together with the poetry that won the competition.

Franck Ayroles' work is shown in galleries throughout France and abroad. His work continues to expand and succeed as he is encouraged by people of influence.

Il pittore professionista e lo scultore Francese Franck Ayroles è nato in Saint-Nazaire.
Dopo aver studiato pubblicità e cinema, nel 1998 decide a dedicarsi completamente alla pittura.
Le sue idee non convenzionali lo hanno portato a creare una installazione itinerante di tabelle molto grandi.
Ha girato la Francia in collaborazione con il Centre des Monuments della Francia.
Nel 2007, un editore ha dedicato un libro dal titolo "Donne" nei suoi dieci anni di creazione. E 'stato invitato più volte da Catherine Ceylac per presentare i suoi quadri sul set di' tè o caffè.

Nel 2009, in connessione con MAIF, ha organizzato una scritta francese in occasione della pubblicazione del suo secondo concorso libro: "Momma".
Le sue opere si trovano in numerose gallerie in Francia e all'estero. Soggetto dei dipinti sono silhouetttes vestite con abiti dai colori sontuosi e ricchi di allegoria.
L'artista usa la tecnica mista per visualizzare sensuali confortanti, sagome calde sempre eleganti e disinvolte e a volte enigmatiche.
Ispirato da Africa, India, Asia, Giappone, così come in Europa, i colori ed i modelli sono immaginari, in ultima analisi, appartenente ad una etnia sconosciuta.