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Susan Roux, 1958 | Figurative /En plein air painter

I was born in the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire in 1958, where my love for nature began. I studied at Rhode Island School of Design and recently under the supervision/tutoring of Stas Borodin, renown Russian Impressionist. After college I made my home in Maine where I remain today. The beauty of my surroundings from inland lakes to the Atlantic coast has been a constant source of inspiration.

- I'm a representational oil painter represented by several galleries including Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, Ma on Cape Cod and The Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, ME. I focus on capturing the play of light and shadow and the subtle movements found in nature. Being a colorist, I use a variety of shades in layers to create emotion. My artistic signature is defined by my color palette and the soft peaceful relaxing qualities of my work. I paint from the heart and my deep affinity for nature pours itself on canvas. With a multitude of color and playful brushstrokes, this deep appreciation for nature is visible down to the minutest detail and resonates with a heavenly calmness that can penetrate the soul.
I am an active member of several art associations where I exhibit regularly. I volunteer my time, have curated shows, teach and been selected to be on the exhibitions committee for the past three years. I began an art marketing group and am in daily contact with as artist in France where I plan to travel and paint someday. My dream has been to travel and paint in foreign lands to experience all that nature and the various cultures have to offer. I am beginning to realize some of this dream, as I will be exhibiting in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in May 2008. Through my art, I want to help people see the wonderful beauty this world has to offer, which is often overlooked.

Roux’s natural creative voice is one of serenity. Whether figurative, still life or scenery, the viewer is always invited to enter into her world of peaceful intimacy. With color and gentle stroke she captures her emotion towards her subjects. Roux is fascinated with light and how it plays and dances on everything. When she paints the world seems to dissipate and that feeling of complete relaxation pours out on canvas. When one is pulled into her paintings, a feeling of calm overcomes them. Enter her world and feel life’s stress slip away…