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Luxo N. P. 1972 | Figurative Abstract painter

Luxo N. P. was born, lives and works in Salt Lake City. He is best known for Impassioned Freedomism Art movement. If you search in a dictionary reference for the word impassioned you will find definitions "filled with intense feeling or passion" and search online the word Freedomism you will discover the definitions "the doctrine that man has freedom of choice in his actions". Viewing at Luxo’s paintings from this leverage point, one can truly understand why Artist like Luxo express intense passion with no styles boundaries but inspire by imagination to interpretations of our world.

Is not what the artist painting present give away at an exhibition but what viewers’perspective takes home with them the meaningful of life from that painting. That’s the beauty of Luxo’s painting all about.
Luxo N. P is a palette-knife painter with a vision of Impassioned Freedomism Art. He is driven by spontaneity desire to paint life's beauty in inspire imagination. His desirable message in his artwork is to bring hope for a better tomorrow and the appreciation of simplest thing that life has given to us. As his collection of art grows so does Luxo passion for exploring and finding meaning in the flow of life.

Artist Statement
My life is full of inspirational moments – from the first kiss, to my baby first walk, a cherish anniversary, a special holiday… even the moment of spotting a flowers bloom, to the enjoy viewing sunset at the end of each day. Every inspirational can devote spontaneous painting that capture the harmony of life into my arts. As an artist, I tried to sharpen my skills and improve my technique so that in the end;
  • Every color in my painting is the result of nature never stops creating, thriving, growing & dying.
  • Every stroke will push boundaries and inspire imagination.
  • Every canvas creates meaningful new interpretations of life itself.
  • Every painting is my expression of impassioned and appreciation to our world.
Trusting the vision that inspires my hearts and express impassioned in painting is the authentic way of life.