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Andrew Kish, 1980 | Conceptual painter

Andrew Kish III is an award winning🎨 master Watercolor painter who is constantly pushing the boundries of contemporary watercolor. Andrew holds a BFA from Kutztown University and resides in eastern Pennsylvania.
Born in 1980 in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Andrew M. Kish III has emerged as one of the premier watercolor painters of his generation. Kish received his B.F.A. in painting from Kutztown University. His paintings explore social subjects ranging from politics to spirituality and dive deeply into the contemporary human experience.
His unique ability to blend thought provoking concepts with powerful compositions is evolving the landscape of contemporary watercolor. Kish’s current work deals with the morality of social paradigms and challenges the viewer with rich provocative and metaphoric imagery.

"Using metaphors and symbolism I create complex human narratives in an intimate setting. These narratives incorporate social and political commentaries that revolve around provocative contemporary issues. Each painting explores the intersection of social institutions with my personal life, and the constant quest to communicate. By using a contemporary approach to traditional watercolor painting, I am stretching the boundaries of aquarelles in the United States and abroad. The stark contrast, immersive detail, and delicate painting technique offer a new experience to a polarizing and traditionally conservative medium".

Kish’s paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions including the Shanghai Zhujiajiao Intl. Watercolor Biennial, in Zhujiajiao, China as well as the World Watercolor Exhibit, in Narbonne France.
His work is represented in public and private collections worldwide including the Springfield Art Museum Springfield, MO, the Quanhua Art Museum Zhujiajiao, China, the Stach Collection in Slupsk, Poland, and the prestigious Tullman Collection in Chicago IL.
Kish’s work has been included in multiple publications including The Art of Watercolor, Watercolor Artist, Watercolor Magazine, and Professional Artist Magazine.
In October 2014 Kish’s work was one of only 23 finalists out of nearly 5000 entries selected for the World Watercolor Competition in Narbonne, France.
Andrew was recently awarded the prestigious Award🎨 of Excellence in the Shanghai Zhujiajiao Intl. Watercolor Biennial and the A.J. Casson Medal at the Open Water Exhibit in Alberta, Canada as well as numerous other awards🎨 from national and international exhibitions.
He currently maintains a studio in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he resides with his wife and children.

  • 2014 - World Watercolor Finalist Narbonne France;
  • 2014 - Gibson Luckenbill RBC Wealth Management Award for Realism;
  • 2013 - Watercolor U.S.A Museum Purchase Award;
  • 2013 - CSPWC Aj Casson Medal;
  • 2012 - David M. Thayer Memorial Award;
  • 2012 - Watercolor Artist Magazine Award;
  • 2012 - Award of Excellence Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial;
  • 2012 - Atlanta Artist Center Award;
  • 2011 - PWCS Founders Award;
  • 2011 - Windsor and Newton Award;
  • 2010 - Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award;
  • 2010 - NEWS Excellence Award;
  • 2009 - PWS Award of Merit;
  • 2009 - LBIF 3rd Place Award;
  • 2009 - PWCS 2nd Place Award;
  • 2008 - St. Cuthberts Mill Award of Excellence in Watercolor;
  • 2006 - Newman Galleries Award of Excellence;
  • 2006 - YorkArts Best In Show.