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Barbara Flowers | En plein air /Figurative painter

Barbara Flowers is an international artist who lived most of her life in a small village near the Rhine Valley in Germany. A deep desire to create art began at a young age. Barbara’s parents encouraged her artistic growth with private art lessons and visits to Europe’s museums to see the collections of masterpieces.
She was educated in foreign languages and had a successful career as a foreign language correspondent.
Ultimately, Barbara’s passion to create art became so strong that she closed the door on her career and opened a new door to the world of art. She has never regretted making that decision. Every day Barbara looks forward to creating art that will convey the same sense of beauty to the viewer that inspired the artist.

She approaches her canvas with a concept and allows her mind, body and the inspiration found in her faith in God to bring the concept to fruition. Barbara's art may include energetic brushwork, palette knife work, soft passages of blended paint or a heavy build-up of paint.
She strives for just enough variety without too much unity so as to capture the viewer’s attention.
Barbara's work is held in international private and corporate collections.

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