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Corine Ko, 1962 | Abstract Mixed Media painter

Corine Ko's artistic process fuses photography and painting. Reworking her photos with the eye of a painter, she integrates heterogeneous elements to generate original digital collages.
At the same time, photography is literally embedded in her canvases, lending the work a soul and substance that is adorned by the colors of the painting.
She also sometimes uses shreds of torn paper - either lace or printed paper - which add relief to the work and animate the surface with splashes of bright color, embellishing silhouettes that do not have a clear outline; instead, it is the color that defines the shapes and gives them life, liberating them to escape and spread, apparently dissolving the provisional form.

It is this exuberance that is initially striking in Corine Ko’s work, the willful freedom with which color overflows and surpasses contour, and reigns supreme in a universe without spatial or temporal points of reference.

Originally from Paris, Corine Ko has worked and lived in the Marseille region since 1998. After studying literature, Corinne combined her passion for painting and the world of childhood by moving towards specialised animation.
Her paintings suggest a subtle invitation to share what makes us human. By creating places of meditation and contemplation, the viewer is invited to walk, rest and dream as the cathartic experience soothes and nourishes.
Corine paints with very diluted acrylic and ink, using various materials to create her identifiable style, all contributing to the "timeless and sometimes accidental journey". The material never seems under control, nor locked in a definitive form.
In 2002 she founded the association Aux Arts Etc organising creative workshops for children and adults with disabilities.

Originaria di Parigi, Corine Ko vive e lavora nella regione di Marsiglia dal 1998. Dopo aver studiato letteratura, Corinne ha unito la sua passione per la pittura ed il mondo dell'infanzia, passando all'animazione specializzata.
I suoi dipinti suggeriscono un sottile invito a condividere ciò che ci rende umani. Creando luoghi di meditazione e contemplazione, lo spettatore è invitato a camminare, riposare e sognare mentre l'esperienza catartica lenisce e nutre.
Corine dipinge con acrilico ed inchiostro molto diluiti, utilizzando vari materiali per creare il suo stile identificabile, il tutto contribuendo al "viaggio senza tempo e talvolta accidentale".
Il materiale non sembra mai sotto controllo, né bloccato in una forma definitiva. Nel 2002 ha fondato l'associazione Aux Arts Etc organizzando laboratori creativi per bambini e adulti con disabilità.