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Louis Dali | Paris painting

Louis Dali (1905-1994) a listed French artist famous for his techniques in capturing the true atmosphere of Paris in his street scenes. He specialized in small street scenes in Paris. He has been awarded high honors in many exhibitions in Europe. Louis Dali was a member of the Society of French Artists in Paris.
Dali started his career as a mechanical engineer and had only started painting as a hobby.
He received the silver medal by the city of Paris in 1965 and won several awards at the Salons in Paris.

Dali’s popularity as an easel painter was enhanced in the late 1970′s when he was commissioned by the French government to paint his interpretation of the twelve sights of Paris. The collection was eventually used as the subject for a series of Limoges plates. Dali’s paintings have also been exhibited in museums in Nantes and Rennes.
Dali’s paintings depict mostly scenes of Paris, the colors are clean and fresh, his brush work delicate and yet “impressionistic” in style.
Early in his career Louis Dali studied under the masterful eye of Maurice Utrillo, one of the most famous of the Paris street painters. Utrillo's influence is evident in many Dali compositions. 
Louis Dali paintings became popular in the United States in the 1950s when the W.T. Burger Company (New York) purchased his paintings for the American art market.
Louis Dali paintings became popular in the United States in the 1950s when the Arnot Gallery (New York) began to purchase his paintings. Arnot Gallery continued to exhibit Dali’s paintings throughout the artist’s life. Louis Dali lived in Brittany, France during the last 10 years of his life. After a fatal and long illness, Dali died in 1994.
The beautiful paintings by Louis Dali are on permanent exhibition with Arnot Gallery in New York. | © ROGALLERY