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Helmut Leherb | Surrealist / Fantastic Realism painter and sculptor

    1933 Born as Helmut Leherbauer in Vienna. 1948-1954 studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm.
  • In 1955 he married Lotte Prohohs and moved to Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Albert Paris Gütersloh.
  • He joined a group of artists who later became known as the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.
  • 1959 exhibited jointly with Rudolf Hausner, Wolfgang Hutter and Anton Lehmden in the Upper Belvedere.

  • 1960 birth of their only son, Anselm Daniel.
  • 1963 created the Reactionaries Konfirmantentraum in Aix en Provence.
  • 1964 Maitre Leherb is nominated with his Zeitzerstörungsmanifest (Time Destruction Manifest) for the Venice Biennale. After a cabinet reshuffle his participationwas prevented by the new Minister of Education.
  • He took refuge in the completion of his "Explosion of Silence", a ceramic mural for the Central Savings Bank in the City of Vienna.
  • 1964 he moved to Paris. After the disappointment of being deselected from the Venice Biennale, he became more ambitious and developed a reputation and fame that opened doors for him to the main galleries of Europe.
  • Galerie de la Madeleine and Isy Brachot in Brussels, Galerie C.A.W. in Antwerp, La Medusa in Rome; Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam, Peinther-Lichtenfels and Wolfrum in Vienna and Galleria Viotti in Turin.
  • 1972 Leherb is tasked with designing four advertising posters to promote Austria.
  • 1976 Due to his success with his designs for promoting Austria, he was also commissioned to create several works to promote the Olympic Games in Innsbruck.
  • 1980-1992, it took him twelve years in Faenza (Italy) to finish his masterpiece "The Continents", the largest ever produced Faience, a 380qm mosaic for the WU Wien. The ceramic dust caused some serious health issues for him.
  • He then produced a Faience for the Rehab Center Weißer Hof with more than 17 meters in length.
  • 1989-1991 created the oversized "Tor for an Imaginary Museum" in Burgenland, and from 93 to 94 the University Fountain, "A Door to Eurydice", in Badgasse in Vienna IX.
  • Leherb died in 1997 of a stroke. He was buried in Vienna’s Central Cemetery.

Leherb anche Maître Leherb (1933-1997), nome di nascita Helmut Leherbauer è stato un pittore, incisore e scultore Austriaco e rappresentante della Scuola di Vienna del Realismo Fantastico che il surrealismo si trova vicino. Dal 1959-1963 ha creato arte nei parchi di Vienna, che esistono ancora oggi.

  • Medaglia d'oro alla Triennale di Manur, Belgio 1966;
  • Medaglia d'oro della Biennale Internazionale della Grafica, Firenze 1968;
  • Gran Premio della Fondation Internationale des collectionneurs d'Art, Paris 1969;
  • Lauréat du Livre d'Oro di Valeurs Humaines, Paris 1970;
  • Ambrogino d'Oro del Senato d'Arte; Milano 1972;
  • Elefante d'Oro e Gran Premio; Roma-Catania 1972;
  • Austriaco Croce d'Onore per la Scienza e l'Arte. 1 Classe, Vienna 1974;
  • Cavaliere Ufficiale nell'Ordine al Merito dell'Republica Italiana, Roma 1990;
  • Tribune del Tribunato di Romagna, Ravenna 1992;
  • Decorazione d'oro "per meriti" dell'Ordine di fondazione della Università di Economia di Vienna, di Vienna 1992;
  • Accademico Onorario della Accademia Fiorentina delle Belli Arti e Disegno 1967.

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