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ManoMatic, 1982 | Street Art

Adrián Pérez Vázquez best known as ManoMatic is a Spanish graffiti artist based in Huelva, Spain. Man-O-Matic born in Palos de la Frontera, a cozy Andalusian town on the southwestern coast of Spain.
He started painting at the age of 16, but chose a career in the field of communications due to family pressure – more often than not, the parents prefer their children to have a serious day job.
It begins in the world of graffiti in 2000 developed a style of drawing free illustrated characters of his invention. This artist has changed the perception of people with his hyperrealistic drawings.
At school, he learnt the art of image, sound and graphic design, then worked as a technician for a local TV station. The studies and work couldn’t keep him there, he decided to go back to where his heart belongs.

His pseudonym ‘Manomatic’ questions our relation with the destructive automatism of our day-to-day lives, the convention and routine. Man o Matic is a creative automate, born from the American machinery.
Born from Warhol and definitely Post-Pop, we could link his work to the Obey’s. Being a street artist for him was obviously the only choice, in order to transmit his messages to the people.
At the first glance, he seduces us with figurative realism to trap the ones who casually pass by, and propagates his message: the blind happiness in our society today. Being happy with high morale becomes political correct.
With the expansion of social media, the blind happiness effect goes viral. These subjects he captured are organic, lively and concrete, mostly portraits or human bodies. We can relate him to PichiandAvo, but his style is more eclectic and diverse. Perhaps lacking a strong recognisable visual identity is the reason he has not received the success he deserves.
His art is in adequation with our fast paced prêt-à-porter society.
Spray painting is a fast technique. His inspirations mostly come from the Internet. At first, he was taking photos with his camera, but soon realised that efficiency was an important factor in the creative process.
Running against time, he had to be more efficient to create.

Adrian Perez Vazquez, meglio noto come Man-O-Matic è un graphic designer. Formatosi professionalmente come Graphic Designer e Tecnico Superiore in immagine e suono. Il suo legame con il mondo dei graffiti, inizia nel 2000, quando entra in contatto con alcuni artisti di graffiti a Siviglia. Di formazione artistica autodidatta in questo campo per alcuni anni ha gestito la propria lingua legata al hiperrealismo.
La sua tecnica per eccellenza è l'aerosol (spray) in pareti esterne, ma oggi, questa tecnica si applica anche su legno e tela.
Gli è stato assegnato il primo premio al concorso "Desencaja" Graffiti di Andalusia il 2014.