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Dave Denson | Pastel Cityscape painter

Dave Denson discovered his passion for pastels during a time of self directed study and has embraced them as his medium of choice ever since.
Currently his paintings are a representation of everyday life in the city of Vancouver where he lives and other cities that he visits. Light, and how it is expressed with colour. is how he defines his paintings. With bold colour and contrast that he achieves with pastels Dave brings vibrancy and life to a scene that might otherwise seem ordinary.

  • Associations
As a current board member of the 901 Artists Co-op, Dave now works from Portside Studios located in East Vancouver. Portside Studios is a featured studio of the Eastside Culture Crawl in November each year.
Dave is an active member of both the Federation of Canadian Artists and Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Studio where he continues to expand his creative vision.

"Pastels are my passion and every time I paint with this delicate medium I feel an excitement about what I am about to create. I like to challenge myself by taking ordinary images and turning them into something vibrant and unexpected. With that in mind I often find myself drawn to scenes of grey rainy days. Typically this subject matter evokes feeling of depression, but to me I see the opportunity to look for colour in the light and reflections that are everywhere in the rain. I love to paint loosely and push the boundaries of colour transforming wet grey scenes into something vibrant and alive" - Dave Denson