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Francis De Saint-Genies, 1925 | Surrealist / Symbolist Painter / Lithographer

Francis De Lassus Saint-Genies is a French artist born in Brittany at Val André in 1925. After his studies at Julian's Academy in Paris, he dedicates himself for a long time to the portrait. In search of the secret character of his models, he has to reach a very personal expression where the outer world, often inversed, encloses the reflection of the individual mystery.

In a refined chromatical range Saint-Genies creates his own symbols. Composer Charles GOUNOD 's great grandson, he gives us a universe of sweet harmonies where all is music. Under the charm of Woman, he paints his "awakened dreams". His doe eyed tender creatures, offering their lips, invite you to follow them beyond the eternal myths.
A Saint-Genies work is a continuous creation where each moment discovers a new appearence. The queen chrysalids shiver and try to abolish the animal reign. The Licornes have moving rumps and angel faces, Sphinxes burst their marble gangue. But the ruined cariatedes come back to live in an eternal kiss.
Saint Geniès has had individual and collective exhibitions in France, the United States, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. His work appears in many French and foreign collections.


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