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James Wiens | Abstract painter

James Wiens is a professional artist who grew up in British Columbia. This avid outdoorsman uses his paintings to express his love of landscapes and nature. He also uses them as a mean of communication through which he expresses his feelings to his viewers. What inspire his paintings are the dramatic mountains and rivers that surround his place of residence. Wiens joined the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver where he studied and graduated with a diploma in painting and printmaking. He has combined his formal education with the work ethic he gained on his family farm to advance his professional career as an artist.

Wiens paints primarily in oils and uses the texture of canvas or wood as the base of his creations. He is a family man who is dedicated to his wife and children and even to his extended family. Wiens has over 20 years experience in painting. He is dedicated, works hard and is also versatile. 
This has made him to earn a lot of admiration and respect from his clients. 
He has achieved much success with his art because he loves what he does. His favorite moments are those spent with his family. 
Wiens says that for him, being an artist is who he is. There’s nothing else he wants to do. He has always been an artist. 
Wiens captures his subject matter in a style can simply be described as “easy”. He has attended many art exhibitions that have helped to improve his skills, and has also has visited many museums and galleries from where he has learnt a lot from his fellow artists.