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Ng Woon Lam / 黄运南, 1971 | Watercolour painter

Singaporean painter Ng Woon Lam /黄运南 was once an engineer with Bachelor degree from NTU and Master in Science from NUS. He neverthelss decides to take up the challange of becoming a full time artist to accomplish his passion.
He is now a signature member of National Watercolor Society (NWS) of US.
His works have numerous national and international awards and been featured in leading art publications e.g. The Artist's Magazine, Splash and Watercolor Magic. His paintings were selected into The American Watercolor Society's International Juried Show and The Oil Painters of America. His most recent article, 'seeing with fresh eyes' is published in International Artist, April 2007.

Woon Lam lives with his strong learning desire and artistic emotions. He finds the richness of pallette perfect in exerting his personal feelings. He employs rich color and lively brushstrokes to create vibrant paintings. His color and brushstrokes reveal his strong sense of composition and feeling for life.
Ng Woon Lam is a full member of National Watercolor Society NWS and American Watercolor Society.
He showed in National Watercolor Society eightieth and eighty-second international exhibition, American Watercolor Society 139th, 140th and 142nd international annual show, 2003 Florence Biennale and 2006 Oil Painters of America 15th Annual National Show.
He learnt from Singapore Master Watercolour Artist Mr. Gog Sing Hooi, late and founding president of Singapore Watercolour Society, Associate Professor Emeritus Cheng-Khee Chee (University of Minnesota at Duluth).
Associate Professor Don Southard and Professor Susanna Coffey at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Professor Edward Schmidt at New York Academy of Art.
His painting style carries Chinese calligraphic strokes; showing strong influence from master Singapore Watercolour Artist Gog Sing Hooi.
His philosophy of image making is derived from Taiji (太极) philosophy. He is constantly searching for balance and harmony in the dynamic image making process. This is similar to the fundamental building of Chinese Painting.
He is currently teaching in the Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media.

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