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Alex Fishgoyt | Visionary /Surrealist painter

Alex Fishgoyt was born in a small town of Evpatoria, in Crimea, while his parents were on vacation there and almost immediately after his birth he was brought to Moscow, where he spent his childhood. He began drawing at the tender age of three, following his father's example.
At the age of twelve, with his family, Alex immigrated to the United States. And his first exposure to the professional creative world happened on his father's movie sets, where at the age of 15, Alex's unordinary creative thinking and his talent captured an eye of the movie director and he was offered a job of an assistant production designer on a feature film Just Married. And during next four years he rose from assistant to full production designer helping set style and tone for six more independent films with sets spanning from 1930's Russia to 1950's America: Adverse Possession, Underground, My Family Treasure, The Game, Bloodscape, Interview.

At 17, after graduating High School of Art and Design, Alex was accepted into Parsons School of Design in New York with the full scholarship, which he graduated four years later with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.
After graduation he decided to go back to Russia to round up his fresh and unique style with famous Russian Formal Art Education in one of the best Russian Schools, All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. He completed his post-graduate course in VGIK, learning from one of the best teachers of the University, Petr Pashkevich.
In Moscow, Alex participated in three one-man shows, two at The Central House of Cinematography and one at Dom Kulturi.
After his return to New York City he continued to paint and exhibit his work in the United States.

And Alex is the artist who can direct the colors that influence the type and emotional intensity of the images forming in the viewers mind. The journey Alex creates for the viewer is the delight and he invites and entices the viewer to enjoy it.
His oil paintings clearly depict a philosophical nature, openness, and an organizational harmony; they reflect a surrealistic, phantasmagoric exploration of the "collective unconscious".
In the end I think that Alex Fishgoyt asks us to look at life as an organic process of eternal movement and change.
Alex is currently a member of the Society for Art of Imagination.