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Ciro Marchetti | Fantasy Art

Ciro Marchetti is a Italian-born British graphic designer whose professional career after graduating from Croydon College of Art, England, in the mid seventies, has included working in Europe, South America and the US.
Since 1992 he's been based in Miami FL as president of Graform International, a design group with affiliate offices in Caracas and London.
This role requires a direct involvement in a variety of projects and services that include packaging, corporate identity, print and multimedia for a number of domestic and international clients.

While in South America, he gave seminars on brand imagery and print production to the marketing departments of various corporations including American Express, 3M and Nabisco International. He was also a part time faculty member of the National Design Institute in Caracas Venezuela where he taught graphics. This interest in teaching has continued to the present time, where he is currently a part time faculty member at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, giving courses in advanced Photoshop and digital imagery.

As a counterpoint to the everyday challenges of his company's corporate work, Ciro Marchetti has always been a keen illustrator, and over the last few years has started to apply his experience with digital media to produce a number of illustrations. While produced mainly for personal satisfaction, his work has nevertheless enjoyed a degree of recognition recently, having appeared in a number of publications (both print and on-line).


  • MacWorld Digital Art Competition winner 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005.
  • Five GURU Awards from (NAPP)  the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. 
  • Artistic category and Best of Show 2001, 2003 and 2006.
  • Worldwide Digital Canvas Award 2006 - Artistic category.
  • Worldwide Photoshop Award 2007 -  Artistic category.
  • Worldwide Photoshop competition 2009 - Grand Prize Winner. 

Ciro Marchetti è un artista digitale, nato in Italia e cresciuto un Inghilterra, risiede attualmente in America. Crea illustrazioni attraverso l’arte digitale, il suo metodo preferito, con cui ama sperimentare e affinare la sua tecnica, dando vita a un suo stile personale. Ha lavorato con una compagnia di graphic design viaggiando attraverso l’Europa e l’America. Ha disegnato le carte per tre mazzi di Tarocchi: The Gilded Tarot, the Tarot of Dreams and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. Molte sue immagini sono diventate poster, puzzles e sono state riprodotte su diversi magazine. Tra i vari progetti, insegna anche alla Fort Lauderdale Art Institute.

Negli ultimi anni ha ricevuto cinque Photoshop Guru awards e molti altri premi tra cui:
Tampa 2001 Artistic and Best of Show, Miami 2003 Artistic and Best of Show, Miami 2006 Artistic, Worldwide Digital Canvas Award 2006 (Artistic Category) Worldwide Photoshop Award 2007 (Artistic Category) Worldwide Photoshop Competition 2009 (Grand Prize Winner).