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Seth Couture, 1974 | Abstract Impressionist painter

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Californian painter Seth Couture is an Artist residing in El Dorado Hills, CA. His works include Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, as well as Charcoal and Pastels.
Seth’s life and art career are anything but normal. As a teenager, he left an abusive home and put himself through high school. After graduation, he made his way to California, where the noted painter Tom X took him under his wing.

Then, in 2004, Seth put down his brushes for almost six years to focus on a biotech career. It wasn’t until he reunited with his grandmother after nearly 20 years apart that he considered painting full-time. She was a recognized artist and continuously encouraged him to paint. When she passed away just three years after they reunited, Seth decided to pursue his dream. He moved north and built an art studio. Today, he is one of UGallery’s top creators.

I use acrylic paints and mediums to achieve the effect of layers, vibrant color, and high energy. Greater control over the way color mixes with acrylic is an essential part of my process. I also enjoy working with charcoal and pastels, and I have a great passion for sculpting which I hope to explore when my sculpting studio is complete.

Seth Couture è un artista residente in El Dorado Hills, CA. Le sue opere sono per lo più dipinti ad acrilico su tela.
La vita e la carriera di Seth Couture sono tutt'altro che normali. Da adolescente, lasciò una casa abusiva e si è messo a studiare.
Dopo la laurea, il noto pittore Tom X lo prese sotto la sua ala.
Poi, nel 2004, Seth abbandona i pennelli per quasi sei anni, per dedicarsi alla carriera di biotech.
Continuò cosi fino a quando si riunisce con la nonna, anche lei un artista, che lo ha continuamente incoraggiato a dipingere. Tre anni dopo, quando lei morì, Seth decise di inseguire il suo sogno.
Si trasferisce a nord e costruì uno studio d'arte. Oggi, è uno dei migliori creatori di UGallery.

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