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Lyudmila Agrich | Impressionism Expressionist painter

Lyudmila Agrich was born in Russia. After changing her place of residency several times, her family finally settled down in the beautiful city of Odessa in Ukraine by the Black Sea. As a child she got all attention and love from her parents. They were always encouraging in all of her creative expressions. As a result she spent several years in musical school and the school of fine arts for children.

She was lucky because she was able to taste the nectar of creativity so early, and intuitively she knew in the beginning what could bring her happiness and contentment. But when she had to make a choice she went to Architectural school and received bachelor degree in Architecture and Fine Arts.
After practicing architecture for a few years in Ukraine and then in the USA (since 1992) she became miserable in technical field of beams and concrete.
She started to hear very strange calling for painting. She quit architecture in 2001 and became a professional artist. Her choice is not her career; it is her life, fulfilled and happy.
She replaced her painting brush with palette knife in order to create bolder, brighter, and powerful images of nature, flowers, and people.
Her style is expressionistic impressionism. She is not looking for a new style or new techniques to shock or amaze people. The main focus is to capture intimate moments in ordinary life.
No matter what she is painting, a landscape, or a little cafe in an old European town, she wants her paintings to speak in the language of human feelings. She tries to avoid creating pictures that are just pretty. Instead she wants to communicate with people by evoking similar emotions and feelings in them.