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Nancy Seamons Crookston, 1948 | Plein Air painter

Nancy Seamons Crookston is a California-based artist awarded the title of Master Oil Painter of America. She loves capturing the human figure in moments of stillness and reflection, as well as painting plein air, whether it’s the Rocky Mountains of her birth town in Utah, or a city scape of San Francisco. Her paintings are often described as peaceful and calming.

Nancy Seamons-Crookston grew up in Utah with a mother who was a nurse/poet and a father who was a schoolteacher as well as a musician. This childhood fostered an environment of creativity and she remembers it fondly.
She then went on to college but it was cut short by marriage and a family of her own. Nancy still found time to follow her passion and eventually she was able to study with Sergei Bongart, a renowned master Russian painter.
These workshops put Nancy on the path to sold-out exhibitions in Japan and a few select U.S. galleries.

Nancy teaches workshops across the nation, helping painters learn the principles of Russian Color, which she learned from the late Russian Master, Sergei Bongart.
She has earned numerous awards including the Gold Medal Award from the 2014 Oil Painters of America’s Master Signature division, the Bronze Master Signature award at the 2013 National Oil Painters of America Show, the 2011 Eastern Regional Oil Painters of America Masters Gold Award, and the Gold Medal Award in 2002 for the National Oil Painters of America.
Nancy has galleries throughout the United States, and has been in exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and China.