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Romee Kanis, 1953 | Figurative bronzes sculptor

Romee Kanis was born in Jutphaas in 1953. Currently she lives in St. Maartensbrug in Zijpe in a farmhouse, where her sculpture garden and her studio are located and she also works in her workshop in Schermerhorn. At age 18, Romee began in Spain and France with drawing portraits. On the Place du Tertre in Paris and by working in the major cities of Europe, she got a good look at the people around her.

The ever-changing conditions which they faced and the ever changing light and the environment led to her adapting and improving her technique. Over the years she has also met many painters and learned printing techniques until Romee became acquainted with the are of sculpting in the late 1980’s. There appeared to be her passion.
From that time she worked under the guidance of various renowned artists, steadily to what for her is the ultimate form of visual expression.
Romee works in bronze and makes figures and portraits of both humans and animals.
Her work is distinguished from others by a female approach and always gracefully shaped. In the figures, whether or not stripped, she shows man in its natural beauty without having to create an ideal sculpture. Portraying the feeling is the most important thing.
Only ff the people are touched she is satisfied. In her portraits she always captures something of the personal character.

This is what gives her work depth and which has made many people to find their way to her studio. Romee also produces sculptures for people who have lost a loved one. A tangible reminder of a person for which the survivors are searching. The expression on a tomb or a statue made as an urn is all part of the possibilities.
She makes her sculptures from a model in wax or clay. Together with her watering can Romee guarantees a good end product. What I imagine and feel I illustrate in sculptures.
Training in sculpture: Karel Gomes Academie - Badhoevedorp, Marian Sanders- Amstelveen, Masterclasses Richard Macdonald - Monterey, CA