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Angelos Panayiotou, 1943 | Abstract Figurative painter

"I would like my art to be an emotional and spiritual refuge. I would like the image to be serene, peaceful, opening a path towards our inner salvation" - Angelos Panayiotou
"Θέλω η ζωγραφική μου να είναι ένα συναισθηματικό και πνευματικό καταφύγιο. Θέλω να είναι μια εικόνα γαλήνια, ειρηνική, ανοίγοντας ένα μονοπάτι προς την εσωτερική μας" - Άγγελος Παναγιώτου

Άγγελος Παναγιώτου was born in Farkadona, Trikala-Greece. In 1962 he enrolled at The School of Fine Arts, Athens, where he studied painting under George Mavroides.
He continued his education by visiting many European Museums, in particular Le Louvre where he studied historical western art, mainly the Renaissance and Baroque period.

Most of Angelos’ work centres around the human form, realism and light. His subject matter is often self-luminous in a chiaro-scuro entity, where the strong contrast between light and dark fills the entire composition.
In his work, one can see a beauty that is a reflection of divine beauty and a re-establishment of a lost paradise.

The experience his paintings always create is one of a world presented through an ethereal sentiment.
Angelos Panayiotou has presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece, London and the USA.
His works can be found in numerous public and private collections in Greece and abroad.