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David Farres, 1955 | Figurative / Cityscape painter

David Farrés Calvo was born in Badalona, Barcellona, Spain.
"David Farrés trained in the studio of renowned painter Manuel Sanchez Almendros (director of the Academy longed Mediterranean in Barcelona who founded the failed Joaquim Torrents Lladó).
It belongs to the "Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc" of Barcelona, founded in 1893 Great artists have been associated with this circle as Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudi.

He has work in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Finland, Phoenix, Miami, London, New York, Netherlands.
His main aim to provide an overview of the cutting edge technique respecting classical painters he admired.
His works with citizen views (mainly Barcelona) highlights the accurate drawing with a lovely way to treat the matter as to maintain the work in a picture plane away from the purely photographic voluntat.

In portraits, people naked is where the greatest freedom of style is appreciated and reveals the connection of art and happiness.
Always the concern that the strokes invite the viewer's gaze to a suggestive and interesting tour Maximum demand to improve in every way (technical, artistic, creative, etc.).. - My real desire is to do good, and when you have this in mind everything else is tight ... - Antonio Lopez