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Christopher Clark | Storyteller painter

Christopher Clark’s* goal is to tell your story. His paintings resonate, showing you a world you’ve longed to live in, or recalling a memory from years past.
He specializes in painting light itself, which lends to this sense of belonging and captivation people experience in his paintings. Christopher is a licensed painter for Lucasfilm, Marvel, 20th Century Fox and Disney International, and is collected by George Lucas.

His impressionist style* is bold and striking, with brilliant colors and a luminous sense of light.
Christopher is known for developing unorthodox tools and painting methods that lend to his unique style.
His versatility is quite impressive, with painting subjects ranging from Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, cityscapes, figures, famous musicians and celebrities, dancing, jazz, western scenes and horses, Italian landscapes, surrealism and still life.
Christopher* has studied art his entire life, ever since he was a boy watching Bob Ross painting shows on TV (that wacky guy with the afro painting “happy little trees”).
His art studies and travels have taken him all over the world in pursuit of culture, art knowledge, and painting subjects.
Christopher’s paintings are collected world wide.

Shows / Exhibitions / Awards*
  • Lucasfilm featured artist at Epcot International Festival of the Arts, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, 2017;
  • Featured artist for Denver Art Museum Star Wars event, Denver, Colorado, 2017;
  • Comicon, Denver, 2016;
  • Marvel featured artist at Comicon San Diego, 2016;
  • Marvel featured artist at Comicon Chicago, 2016;
  • Creative Framing Gallery, Louisville, Colorado, 2016;
  • The Incredible Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado, 2016;
  • Alpine Fine Art, Denver, Colorado, 2015;
  • Littleton Museum, Colorado, 2015;
  • Art Students League of Denver, Disembodied Show, Colorado, 2015;
  • Stanton Gallery, Littleton, Colorado, 2015;
  • JazzFest Art Festival, Boulder, Colorado, 2015;
  • SpringFest Art Festival, Boulder, Colorado, 2015;
  • Flavors of Colorado, Avon, Colorado, 2015;
  • Art for Horses Show at Lakewood Townhall Art Center, 2015 (Proceeds donated to the Horse Protection League);
  • Gallery 1505, Denver, Colorado, 2015;
  • ArtStir Denver Art Festival, Denver, Colorado, 2015;
  • Pancake and Booze Art Show, Denver, Colorado, 2015;
  • Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery and Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado, 2015;
  • Whitepeaks Fine Art Galleries, London, United Kingdom, 2014;
  • Biltmore Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2014;
  • Framed Gallery Fine Art Boutique, Newport Beach, CA, 2012;
  • Engard Arts Exhibition at Whittier Law School, 2012;
  • Anaheim Art Crawl Experience, Anaheim, CA, 2011;
  • Winestock charity event, Los Alamitos, CA, 2011 (Paintings donated to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer);
  • Gallery 922, Santa Ana, CA, 2011;
  • Engard Fine Arts, Costa Mesa, CA, 2011;
  • Christopher Tracy Interiors, Newport Beach, CA, 2008;
  • AvantGardens Gallery, Santa Ana, CA, 2008;
  • Gallery 33, Long Beach, CA, 2008;
  • Sunset Gallery, San Clemente, CA, 2008;
  • 24-Hour Cancer Swing Dance-a-thon, Irvine, CA, 2008 (Proceeds donated City of Hope Cancer Treatment Center, Duarte, CA);
  • Fun With Chalk Street Painting Festival, Mission Viejo, CA, 2007 (Proceeds donated to Children’s Creative Festival to expand art programs in OC schools);
  • Award winner*, Art That’s Small at City Hall in Laguna Beach, CA, 2006;
  • Award winner*, Internation Interior Design Association, Fullerton, CA, 2006;
  • Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA, 2005.