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Magdalena Serwin, 1983 | Figurative painter

Magdalena Serwin is an Polish artist born in the Jastrzębiu-Zdroju region.
- "I am a graduate of State Higher Professional School in Racibórz about direction of applied arts. Under the eye of wonderful artists I explored the arts of painting, graphical which and photographic.
I am self-taught in great measure, which the painting is passion and at the same time something like the peace, for of breath from everyday matters. The oil painting accompanied me for the youngest years, but in the time was neglected

Even though through the longer time I wasn’t active artistically - the art returned into my living with increased power. Works performed by me are characterized by a tasteful contrast, with breaking the greyness, is darkening with warm colours.
Subjects of works are different, most often forms, women - beautiful, secret.
Mainly I am painting with the oil technique, put paint with thick layer with spatula.
All the time I am trying to develop with one’s painting technique, to aspire to the perfection.
I believe that, everything still before me - hard work and considerable ambition will let in the end to achieve the intended success".

  • 2014 - Art Off wystawa zbiorowa w Chorzowie.
  • 2015/2016 - Malarstwo Olejne wystawa indywidualna w Filharmonii Opolskiej w Opolu.
  • 2016 - udział w Aukcji Charytatywnej NIE WYPADA NIE POMAGAĆ w Bielsku-Białej.
  • 2016 - udział w Aukcji Galerii DNA w Katowicach.
  • 2016 - udział w Aukcjach Pragaleria w Warszawie.
  • 2016 - udział w Aukcji Next Galeria Sztuki w Bydgoszczy.