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Martin Pate | Ballet Dancers

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Martin Pate graduated with honors from Ringling School of Art in 1981. His figurative works won acclaim in the Sarasota area by such notables as Thornton Utz who declared a life drawing by Martin as the best work in the 1981 student show.
His love of figurative works has led to numerous commissions over the last 30+ years including a 20+ year association with the National Park Service.
Martin's personal paintings and drawings have won awards* in local, regional and national shows.

"I feel a kinship with realist figurative painters of the late 19th century...Waterhouse, Bougereau, Draper, Leighton and others. I am especially intrigued by classically painted figures that tell a story beyond the obvious.... often through symbolism.
The models I use are people that I know. Often, I use their personality as a starting point for a painting's theme. Sometimes a theme will evolve as the painting progresses.
The observation of form and personality is a continuing source of inspiration" - Martin Pate,

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