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Paris painting | Part.4

"Only the great distance that separates Paris from my native town prevented me from going back.. It was the Louvre that put end to all these hesitations.
When I walked around the circular Veronese* room and the rooms that the works of Manet*, Delacroix* and Courbet are in, I desired nothing more.

In my imagination Russia (where Chagall was born) took the form of a basket suspended from a parachute. The deflated pear of the balloon was hanging down, growing cold and descending slowly in the course of the years.
This was how Russian art* appeared to me, or something of the sort.. It was as if Russian art had been fatally condemned to remain in the wake of the West (on his arrival in Paris in 1910)" - Marc Chagall* My life, Marc Chagall, 1922; as quoted in Letters of the great artists - from Blake to Pollock - Richard Friedenthal, Thames and Hudson, London, 1963, p. 261,