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Ron Hicks, 1965 | Impressionist Figurative painter | Part 2

Ron Hicks* masterfully guides viewers into the emotional realm of art. His paintings draw viewers into the very personal worlds of stolen kisses, handwritten letters and mysterious bedroom scenes.
"I open a dialogue for a story, and it’s up to the viewer to interpret it", Hicks says.
Just as he employs muted tones - often grays - to render his paintings.
His more traditional style, with influences including 17th century Dutch masters*, blends representational art and impressionism*, yet the ideas and stories within his paintings convey a much more contemporary feel.
His loose brushwork and his allowance for models to find their own comfortable poses imbue a depth of humanity and a natural fluidity in his paintings. As he continues to depict slices of life nationwide, he strives to keep his work "as fresh and new as possible", he says. "My hope is that whoever views my work will have their own intimate encounter with it".
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