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Bruce Wolfe, 1941 | Figurative sculptor / painter

Bruce Wolfe is a master of the arts who specializes in life-sized bronze sculpture, bronze busts, figurative art, painting, illustration and drawing.
Bruce Wolfe’s career in sculpture spans forty years of receiving commissions to do busts and figurative portraits of many notable personalities.
He studied art at San Jose State University and the Art Institute of San Francisco.
He also studied with Bettina Steinke and Bruno Lucchesi*.

He is adept in both oils and clay and has taught figure painting as well as sculpture in several of his native Northern California art schools.
Mr. Wolfe is a fellow in the National Sculpture Society and he just received an honorary Doctorate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California.

Bruce Wolfe has done numerous bronze portraits where the subject modeled for him. He works from life in clay on all his sculptures; then molds are made, bronze poured and patinas done.
These portraits include Chong-Moon-Lee, a generous donor to the New Asian Art Museum in San Francisco; a portrait of Dr. Norman Shumway, the heart transplant pioneer at the Stanford University School of Medicine; George Shultz, former Secretary of State for Stanford University and the Hebrew University on Mt. Scopias in Israel; Kurt Herbert Adler, director of the San Francisco Opera at the War Memorial Opera House; Dr. Jim Potchen for the new Radiology building at Michigan State University; Phil Frank, a popular cartoonist of the San Francisco Chronicle; Lotfi Mansouri, recently retired director of the San Francisco Opera; and a bust of Martha Ingram in the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Wolfe has also painted portraits of Bruce McCandless, a NASA astronaut, displayed in the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum, Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice, George Will, Muhammad Ali, John Muir, Jack London, St. Mary’s College donors, and two Bohemian Club Presidents.

Bruce Wolfe is currently working on a bust of Gavin Newsome for the San Francisco City Hall and on A 7’ standing bronze of Tony Bennett for the Fairmont Hotel where Mr. Bennett Sang “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”.

A 5’8” seated figure of Margaret Thatcher was unveiled at Hillsdale University in Michigan, the spring of 2008. Mr. Wolfe had the great privilege of working with Mrs. Thatcher before sculpting the bronze statue.

Oct. 2013 a statue of golf legend, Arnold Palmer was unveiled. It is nine feet tall with an overall height of 12’9” to the top of the golf club. The statue is featured prominently on the Wake Forest University, N.C. golf center.

Bruce Wolfe (nato il 29 marzo 1941 a Santa Monica, in California), è uno scultore, artista, illustratore e designer, noto per la produzione di sculture e per molte figure di rilievo.
Durante la sua carriera quarantennale ha creato sculture e busti di Barbara Jordan, Margaret Thatcher, ex sindaco Ilus W. Davis di Kansas City, l'ex segretario di Stato George Shultz, Norman Shumway e l'ex presidente della Corte Suprema William Rehnquist.
Bruce ha risieduto nella California settentrionale per la maggior parte della sua vita.
Ha studiato arte presso l' Università di Stato di San Jose e l' Istituto d'Arte di San Francisco.
Ha insegnato pittura e scultura, all'Accademia d'Arte di San Francisco ed al Collegio delle Arti e Mestieri di Oakland in California.
Egli è anche accreditato con la creazione di un manifesto teatrale per Indiana Jones ed il Tempio della Destin.
Il suo lavoro è stato esposto a New York, California, Parigi ed al Smithsonian.
I suoi riconoscimenti includono un CLIO, Premio per il Premio Federale dell'Arte, Primo Posto all'Arte della Conferenza Ritardata 2001, Premio Joseph Henniger, Premio Zellerbach e Foster and Kleiser.