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Bulent Kilic 1974 | Seascape / Cityscape painter

Bülent Kılıç was born in Tekirdağ, Turkey.
His early interest was observing the world in charcoal and later fast car designs. These two combinations helped him develop his creative talent.
While he was attending Trakya University to become a teacher, he also pursed his passion by attending the Industrial Design Division at Mimar Sinan University.
His freelance creations brought attention and award* both locally and internationally.

With time he gave up on teaching yet continued developing her creative passion. He contributed several of his works to international exhibitions over the years.

With time he started to reflect the exquisite reflections of Istanbul onto canvas. He chose an impressionistic style with his brushing technique so that he was able to express his observational study.

He extracts locations very familiar with in his daily life yet trying to capture the unexpected vibrant life in any given moment. 
His snapshots make you feel living the same moment in that frozen time over and over again even if you are not familiar with the setting.
His education and talent are reflected in exaggerating perspective, lighting and color combinations on each canvas.