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Bruno Mondot, 1964 | Surrealist / Trompe l’oeil painter

Born in France, Bruno Mondot has won numerous prestigious acknowledgments and awards*. His work is collected worldwide and may be found in distinguished collections both public and private.

The work of Bruno Mondot is both fascinating and titillating in its effect.
This highly skilled and technically proficient artist creates a deep and refined allegory of amusements.
With artistic and mythical references embedded within his canvases, Mondot contrives and reveals alter dimensional realities.

These finite works are intended to influence perception, ardently transforming the ordinary into that which exists beyond what is obvious. Due in part to his consummate skill, Mondot manipulates in his own optical language the immediacy of that which is assumed. He willfully transforms tangible worlds and up-ends them.
Articulated in refracted truths, these angular and bifurcated environments are as what the Cubists and Surrealists have sought to pronounce and disclose - the absolute, other and ultimate realties.
The architectural foundations that are his subject are mere sets to the stage he commands. In an exacting and meticulous application, often in trompe l’oeil, he orchestrates these most infinite and mirrored worlds that we may enjoy. | © Canfin Gallery.