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Alena Makarova-Levina, 1963 | Figurative painter

Alena Makarova-Levina / Макарова-Левина Елена Александровна was born in Donetsk.
Studied (1980-84) in Donetsk art school. Worked as the art director in the state puppet theatres.
In 1990 has opened own workshop on manufacturing of the different plan of dolls and puppets.

In 1996, together with the husband, has created a puppet theatre “Petrushkin buffoonery”.
In parallel with work at theatre is engaged in painting and an iconography.
Is a member of the Professional Union of Artist of Russia.

My creative activity has started as soon as I learned how to walk.
As long as I remember, I always painted pictures or made something of plasticine.
For example, I just loved to spend some time behind our chiffonier, the back of which was covered in sketches.

This fact remained unnoticed for some time, but when my parents found out, naturally, they scolded me.
I only painted people. They all were so different and that’s what attracted me.
Now I live in Belgium, my main occupations now are painting and drawing.

Exhibition in Samara, Russia, White House - December 2012.
International exhibition in Paris, Louvre (Carrousel Du Louvre) - October 2013.