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Andriy Shumskiy / Андрій Шумський, 1977 | Cityscape painter

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Author ✍️ at 10/15/2017 10:25:00 PM

Andriy Shumskiy /Андрій Михайлович Шумський was born in 1977 in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine. In 2002 graduated his studies at the Lviv Academy of Arts.
A modern multi-faceted artist always improving his skills, embodies the creative ideas in different techniques and ways - painting churches, icons, landscape painting, portrait, sculpture.

His works have been awarded** the most prestigious recognitions collectors.
Most of the art and the artist’s works are in private collections, churches, galleries and exhibitions in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

Andrey Mikhailovich Shumsky / Андрій Михайлович Шумський è nato il 14 dicembre 1977 a Lutsk, Ukraina.
Nel 1995 ha terminato tre corsi al Kosiv Raion UPDM (Dipartimento di pittura monumentale).
In  2002 si è laureato presso l'Accademia delle Arti di Lviv (Dipartimento di restauro). Vive a Lviv.

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