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Robert Ricart, 1948 | Paris painting

French painter** Robert Ricart was born in Bruay en Artois. He studied at the Etudes Arts Graphiques and the Beau Arts School in Paris where he still resides.
Ricart became famous on the art market for his Paris vedutas.
He was trained at the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts, initially exhibited especially in the West France, from the early 1970s in Paris and other towns, received numerous awards** and his works are owned by European as well as American museums.

In 2013 and 2015 he presented his works in Prague together with his wife Claudine who is a successful sculptor.

  • Prix Obtenus - Grand Prix de la ville de Saumur, 1986;
  • Grand Prix de la ville de Cholet, 1987;
  • Prix Fernand Dupre- Cholet, 1988;
  • Grand Prix d'art contemporain - Avrille, 1987;
  • Laureat de la Beinnale de Bauge, 1988;
  • Grand Prix de la ville du Mans, 1988;
  • Grand Prix du Lions Club - Angers, 1988;
  • Grand Prix de la Ferte Bernard, 1989;
  • Laureat Lions Club Pays de Loire et Bretagne, 1989;
  • Grand Prix art contemporain - l'Ernee, 1988;
  • Grand Prix de la ville de Bordeaux, 1989;
  • Grand Prix de la ville de Cognac, 1988;
  • Grand Prix art contemporain de l"ACAM, 1989;
  • Grand Prix du salon d'art contemporain St-Gregoire, 1990;
  • Grand prix d'art figuratif Ste Gemmens, 1991.