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Andrei Belichenko / Maria Boohtiyarova | Figurative painters

Andrei Belichenko / Андрей Беличенко and Maria Boohtiyarova / Мария Бахтиярова are two contemporary Russian artists, known for working in the Figurative style.
Andrei Belichenko (Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 1974) is a graduate of the Republican Art School in 1990, and after school - the Academy of Arts. Andrei studied in the Graphic Department of the Academy of Arts.

Consumed by the importance of detail, realism, and the individual expression of his subjects, Belichenko's exceptional talent and excellence in academic standing earned him a Master of Fine Arts within five years instead of the customary six.
Practically since the end of the academy, he began to exhibit his works at Russian and international exhibitions.
He participates in regional and national art shows and exhibitions: Kiev, Moscow. Andrei is a member of the All - Union Artist Association.
His paintings could be found in museums and private collections in Russia, Ukraine as well as Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Brazil, England, United States and other countries.
Maria Boohtiyarova, wife and muse of Andrey Belichenko, co-author of paintings.

Andrei Belichenko / Андрей Беличенко e Maria Boohtiyarova / Мария Бахтиярова sono due artisti contemporanei Russi, uniti anche nella vita. Maria Boohtiyarova, moglie e musa di Andrei Belichenko, è coautrice di dipinti.
Andrei Belichenko nasce nel 1974 a Karaganda (Kazakistan di oggi). Si è laureato nel 1990, alla scuola d'arte repubblicano, e dopo all'Accademia di Belle Arti. Praticamente dalla fine dell'accademia, ha iniziato ad esporre le sue opere in mostre russe ed internazionali.
I loro dipinti si possono trovare in musei e collezioni private in Russia, Ucraina, Germania, Francia, Spagna, Canada, Brasile, Inghilterra, Stati Uniti ed altri paesi.