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Mika Törönen, 1968 | Cityscape / Watercolour painter

Mika Törönen, born 28 November 1968, Pirkkala, is an Finnish award winning painter.
Törönen makes paintings and portraits of Helsinki.
He has studied in Australia - Sydney, at the Julian Ashton Art School in 1999.
Watercolor is not easy medium, but keep painting and be patient. There is no shortcuts. Only way to progress is just paint, paint and paint... learn from your mistakes and bad paintings... - Mika Törönen

Mika Törönen - nato il 28 novembre 1968, Pirkkala - è un pittore Finlandese.
Törönen realizza dipinti e ritratti di Helsinki.
Ha studiato in Australia a Sydney presso la Julian Ashton Art School nel 1999.

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