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Kelvin Lei, 1954 | Ballet dancers

Kelvin Lei is an Chinese painter, known for work in the Figurative style.
Kelvin Lei was born in Guangzhou, China and grew up with a passion for art and drawing.
His dedication to his craft led him to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under China’s finest portrait artists, Yang Zhi Guang and Ou Yang.
His career took off in Hong Kong where local and European Galleries started representing his work.

Kelvin eventually moved to the United States and continued his work with local galleries in Carmel and Palm Desert, California.
Kelvin also dedicates his time to teaching local students who want to pursue a creative career.

His art classes focus on the strong foundation of drawing and painting that he had received when he was young, which he credits to his life long career May of his students have gotten into the art colleges of their choice and some are well into their artistic career in their chosen fields.
Kelvin is happy to inspire the next generation of artists and even happier to continue doing what he loves - creating art.