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Eugene Boudin | Quotes / Aforismi

  • Everything that is painted directly and on the spot always has strength, a power, and a vivacity of touch one cannot recover in the studio... Three strokes of the brush in front of nature are worth more than two days of work at the easel [in the studio].
  • Le opere dipinte direttamente sul luogo posseggono un potere e una vivacità che non possono essere riprodotte nell'atelier.
  • [Venice is] somewhat disguised by the artists who usually paint Venice, who have disfigured it by turning it into a city heated by the brightest and hottest sun. On the contrary, Venice, like all luminous cities, has a grey hue, the atmosphere is mild and misty and the sky arrays itself with clouds, just like the sky of our Norman and Dutch regions.

  • I exhaust myself terribly to content the world, and never manage to content myself.
  • Mi esaurisco terribilmente per soddisfare il mondo e non riesco mai a contentarmi.