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David Hettinger, 1946 | Figurative painter

Award winning🎨 artist, David Hettinger, began his career when he hopped a plane from the railroad town of Aurora, IL and landed in New York City.
He moved to New York on the advice of Joseph Welna, owner of Welna Gallery in Chicago, having virtually no worldly wisdom, only a fierce desire to "learn what it was to be a real artist".
Welna began showing Hettinger's work while the young artist was still attending the American Academy of Art, in Chicago.
He directed Hettinger to study with David Leffel🎨 and Richard Schmid🎨 in New York and on how to earn his living as an artist from day one. With steadfast focus and determination, Hettinger made a name for himself as a fine artist and never looked back.

Today Hettinger's paintings are in private collections around the globe. He focuses on figurative work drawn from life in his Aurora studio.
These works represent a lifetime of observing everyday relationships between people.
Relationships and the sweet subtleties shared between human beings is at the core of the man and the artist that Hettinger has become.
The fleeting human treasure of those subtle moments between people is apparent in Hettinger's work in a true way, because it is Hettinger's truth.