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Milo Manara, 1945 | Women Vs. the Covid-19

Durante il lockdown imposto dall'emergenza sanitaria Covid-19, il celebre autore Italiano di fumetti Milo Manara, con una serie di illustrazioni, ha voluto rendere omaggio alle donne in prima linea nella lotta al Coronavirus: Personale sanitario, i rider, i corrieri, le forze dell’ordine, le commesse dei supermercati ecc.
In queste settimane, se l'Italia ha continuato a funzionare, è anche grazie a loro!

Maurilio Manara, known professionally as Milo Manara, is an Italian comic book writer and artist. Milo Manara was born in Luson in the province of Bolzano.
He made his debut at the end of the 60’s as an author of erotic-crime stories.
In the 70’s he cooperates with the Corriere dei Ragazzi and several other comic magazines of the time.
On Alfredo Castelli and Mario Gomboli text he made A bundle of bombs. Together with Silverio Pisu he creates The Ape, and Alessio, the revolutionary bourgeois, that signs his debut in the comic strips.
In 19778 it’s the “turn” of Giuseppe Bergman, the first main character of great success created, sketched and directed by Manara.
In the early 80’s he creates, Click, a story that confirms him as an international success. On Hugo Pratt text he sketches It All Started Again with an Indian Summer and El Gaucho.
Right after that he creates the icon Miele, main character of Scent of the invisible and Hidden Camera.

In collaboration with Federico Fellini, which started in 1987, he creates two comic stories Trip to Tulum, followed by The journey of G. Mastorna called Fernet.
It follows the comics transposition of three classic of literature: Gulliveriana, Kamasutra, The Golden Ass. Then he sketches three stories of social nature: Ballad in B flat, Revolution and WWW.
In 2009 the Marvel Comics commissioned him and Chris Claremont, an all-female Men story, X-Men: Gals on the Run. He works with Neil Gaiman for the DC Comics.
From 2000 Manara works on a project The Model.
On Alejandro Jodorowsky texts he sketches a comic on Borgia.
In 2015 for Panini Comics, he publishes The Palette and the Sword, the first volume of two, dedicated to the figure of Caravaggio.
In 2020 the trauma of the pandemic left Italian comic illustrator Milo Manara unable to work. Then he found his inspiration: A cop, a cashier, a doctor and other women on the job during the Covid-19 fight.