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Max Nonnenbruch (1857-1922) | Symbolist painter

Max Nonnenbruch was a German painter from the Munich School, a group mostly known for their Neoclassicism and Symbolism scenes.
From 1875, he studied for two years at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, then in 1877 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
He also attended the Fine Arts School and the Académie Julian in Paris. In 1880, the artist made several trips to Paris and Italy with his friends painters Hans Olde and Claus Meyer.
Max Nonnenbruch was very involved in Munich's artistic life. He was president of the Munich Association for Artists Support and a member of the General German Art Cooperative. He was also secretary of the exhibition committee at the 1892 International Art Exhibition at the Munich Glass Palace.
In the 1890s, the artist travelled several times to England and France.

A painter of genre scenes in his early days, Max Nonnenbruch was then influenced by neoclassical and symbolist aesthetics as well as by pre-Raphaelite painters.
His works represented young women, dancers and odalisques with oriental dresses. Many references to Greek and Roman antiquity can be seen: Greek vases, jewellery, hairstyles, columns and mosaic decorations.
The pure and idyllic scenes of Max Nonnenbruch were particularly visible in his works depicting young women dressed in antique at the seaside. The vibrating touch highlights the effects of the lights.
Through his work and his involvement in the artistic events of his time, Max Nonnenbruch acquired an important reputation.
The artist exhibited many times in Germany and at the Galerie Heinemann in Nice. His works were highly sought after by the collectors and regularly reproduced in newspapers and magazines of the time.
Nonnenbruch had his debute exhibition in 1888, where he won a bronze medal.

Max Nonnenbruch è stato un pittore Tedesco nato nel 1857 a Viersen.
Dal 1875 studiò per due anni all'Accademia delle Arti di Düsseldorf, poi nel 1877 all'Accademia Reale di Belle Arti di Monaco.
Ha inoltre frequentato la Scuola di Belle Arti e l'Académie Julian di Parigi.
Nel 1880 l'artista compì diversi viaggi a Parigi ed in Italia con i suoi amici pittori Hans Olde e Claus Meyer.
Max Nonnenbruch è stato molto coinvolto nella vita artistica di Monaco. È stato presidente dell'Associazione di Monaco per il supporto degli artisti e membro della Cooperativa d'arte tedesca generale.
Fu anche segretario del comitato della mostra all'Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte del 1892 al Palazzo di Vetro di Monaco.
Negli anni 1890, l'artista viaggiò più volte in Inghilterra ed in Francia.