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Yuri Krotov, 1964 | Landscapes

Yuri Krotov / Юрий Кротов was born in Grivenskaya Cossack Settlement, Krasnodar Territory, located close to the Azov Sea. At the age of 8 he met a local painter G.A. Polugaev who became his mentor.
With Polugaev, Krotov traveled to Moscow and enrolled in Moscow High School of Art under the Surikov Art Institute.
After high school he served in the Soviet Army for 2 years before attending the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.
His style of impressionist painting blossomed on trips to France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Monaco and other European countries.

After these trips and participating in sales auctions as well as exhibitions he took a creative journey to his native Cossack Settlement in Kuban regions, where he painted "Ataman Leord", "A Morning in Kuban", "Ataman’s Fishing" and "Among the Lotuses".
After this time of reflection and creative process he resurfaced in 1992 during an eminent sale of Russian paintings at the prestigious auction room "Drouot" in Paris.
Although a modest man who prefers to stay out of the spot light he has been invited back regularly and is now in the permanent displays.
The fluid brush strokes with quick and free manner create a full movement within the detail of his art. The capturing of these fleeting moments in bold energetic colors make for a favorite among collectors.