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Isabella Karolewicz | Romantic painter

Isabella Karolewicz is an Australian, Melbourne based artist who is passionate about the many beauties life has to offer.
She has a raw, natural talent and has chosen Artist mentoring over formal art education, always staying true to her vision and direction.
She is currently completing her degree in Bussiness at RMIT University to expand her knowledge.
Isabella began her artistic journey focusing on the traditional styles using oils which are her favorite medium to work with.

It is here that she mastered the use of tonal values, colours, composition and light.
This fine attention to detail lead her to portraiture for a few years where she developed great patience and secured a solid foundation.
This enabled her to transition into a more abstract style with ease, incorporating acrylics and other mediums.

As a result she has now combined her two loves together 'Contemporary and Traditional Art'.
This has become her signature style that causes a mixture of emotions to art elders.
Staying true to her artist vision, she is continuing to produce these pieces that have proved to appeal and be appreciated by audiences of all ages and caliber.
Her subjects vary from cityscapes to human form.

Her strong appreciation of the perfections of the human body comes from her athletic background and is depicted in her dance series and subjects in her paintings.
More recently her pride for the land she calls home Australia, has lead her to showcase its beauty through a semi-abstract approach of its cityscapes/landmarks which is now extending to other beautiful cities across the world that she has visited or is looking forward to experience.
She cannot help but introduce hints of romance and love in many of her pieces which is also a reflection of her as an individual and her desire to spread the beauties of the human race and the world we live in.

Isabella Karolewicz, detta anche "Bella" è un'artista Australiana nota per il suo stile inconfondibile che combina stili tradizionali e contemporanei per produrre opere d'arte uniche nel loro genere.