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Noemi Martín, 1975

Noemi Martin was born in Barcelona.
She has shown a great love for painting since her early childhood.
At the age of sixteen, she entered the Massana School in Barcelona where she studied painting.
Noemi Martín’s work revels in imaginary spaces in which perspective is the only form of architecture, and in which her unmistakable ochres, greys and yellows bathe every detail, creating a world which, although imaginary, reflects an infinite number of realities and the most intimate of our sentiments, like a mirror.

And sometimes it feels as though time has come to a standstill and we may move into spaces and times which have already been lived through, while on other occasions we may contemplate a pile of books which seems about to catch fire on a metaphorical funeral pyre: books full of love, hope and dreams which nobody seems to want to re-live, books by both famous and unknown authors that time has brought together on a journey to nowhere.
Although if we allow ourselves to be carried by our emotions, we shall always find a warm light in her paintings.

Her works offer the viewers an intimate painting, permeated with silence, and maybe with a certain nostalgic touch, the most important trait being the ability to convey serenity and quietness, the atmosphere, and sometimes a gentle lyrical accent.
After graduation, Noemi moved with her husband into a rural house found in a small town in the middle of the beauty of nature - this is where she established her first workshop.

That workshop is the place from where she drew her inspiration and began researching with different themes and techniques, modeling her own style with determination and patience.
Noemi has participated in painting contests and has received several prizes.

She made her first collective exhibitions in 1998, in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.
She started her first individual exhibitions three years later.
Just a year later, she combined the teaching of drawing and painting with her professional career in her workshop.

Il lavoro di Noemi Martín si diletta in spazi immaginari in cui la prospettiva è l'unica forma di architettura ed in cui i suoi inconfondibili ocra, grigi e gialli bagnano ogni dettaglio, creando un mondo che, sebbene immaginario, riflette un numero infinito di realtà e le più intime i nostri sentimenti, come uno specchio.
Ed a volte sembra che il tempo si sia fermato e ci spostiamo in spazi e tempi già vissuti, mentre in altre occasioni possiamo contemplare una pila di libri che sembra sul punto di prendere fuoco su una metaforica pira funeraria: libri pieni di amore, speranza e sogni che nessuno sembra voler rivivere, libri di autori famosi e sconosciuti che il tempo ha riunito in un viaggio verso il nulla.
Ma se ci lasciamo trasportare dalle nostre emozioni, nei suoi dipinti troveremo sempre una luce calda.