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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Albanian Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Madre Teresa/ Brita Seifert ~ Tieni sempre presente /Always keep in mind

Tieni sempre presente che la pelle fa le rughe,
i capelli diventano bianchi,
i giorni si trasformano in anni.
Però ciò che é importante non cambia;
la tua forza e la tua convinzione non hanno età.
Il tuo spirito e` la colla di qualsiasi tela di ragno.
Dietro ogni linea di arrivo c`e` una linea di partenza.
Dietro ogni successo c`e` un`altra delusione.
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Artur Muharremi, 1958 | Allegorical painter

Artur Muharremi is one of the most important Albanian contemporary painters. Muharremi has started to create before the political changes leading Albania to democracy took place. With his well known painting 'Before Creation' (1989), Muharremi was one of those very few artists, who shook off and warned the Albanian society of nineties against the crisis that was going to break. Artur Muharremi completed university studies of scenography and contributed actively and significantly as a painter and producer for the development transformation and qualitative amelioration of the animated film.
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Igli Jorgo, 1965 ~ Abstract painter

Igli Jorgo is a modern artist who paints classically in spirit, modern in creation developing a new relation of forms and space. He gathers an abundance of figure elements from classical images and transcribes them with a descriptive efficacy, which is uncommon to all.
Albanian painter Igli Jorgo was born in Tirana, Albania.
- 1985: Graduate, School of Art in Tirana, with Professor N.Bakalli.
- 1989: Degree in Painting and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.
- 2008: Recognition of Degrees as equivalent with the ASFA Athens.
His works are in the National Gallery of Albania and in private collections in: - Greece and abroad.
Lives and works in Athens since 1991.
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Dastid Miluka, 1974 ~ Fantasy painter

Dastid was born on September 15, 1974 in Tirana, Albania. He started his art studies at the prestigious Artistic Lyceum and went on to major in Scenography and Custom Design at the Fine Arts Academy of Tirana. In 2003, he moved to Belgium to further pursue his artistic ideals. 
Dastid Miluka 1974 | Albanian Fantasy painter
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Madre Teresa di Calcutta ~ Ama...

Ama finché’ non ti fa male,
e se ti fa male,
proprio per questo sarà’ meglio.
Perché’ lamentarsi?
Se accetti la sofferenza
e la offri a Dio, ti darà’ gioia.
Dastid Miluka 1974 | Albanian painter
Dastid Miluka 1974 | Albanian painter

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Agim Sulaj, 1960 ~ Hyperrealist painter

Agim Sulaj, born 6 September 1960 in Tirana, Albania is an Albanian painter. Agim Sulaj won the 2010 edition of the "CartoonSEA" Italian national award for humor and satire, presided the jury in the 'CartoonSEA 2011' edition and won second prize in the international competition "Brothers of Italy".