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"Zorba the Greek" composer Theodorakis dies at 96

Athens, Sept 2. -Reuters - Composer Mikis Theodorakis, whose music crossed international boundaries in his captivating score for the film "“Zorba the Greek", died on Thursday, plunging Greece into three days of mourning.
A towering man with a brooding presence and a shock of wavy hair, Theodorakis's work evoked a progressive, democratic vision of the world, though his political struggles reflected a darker side of Greece rarely seen by visitors.
As news of his death at home in Athens at the age of 96 swept across the country of 11 million, authorities declared three days of mourning and tributes poured in from across the political spectrum. "Today we lost a part of Greece's soul. Mikis Theodorakis, Mikis the teacher, the intellectual, the radical, our Mikis has gone," said Culture Minister Lina Mendoni.

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Pavlos Samios (1948-2021) | Metaphysical / Symbolist painter

Pavlos Samios - Παύλος Σάμιος - was a Greek painter and professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Samios was born in Athens, Greece. His interest about art rose during his early childhood when he used to spend many hours at his father's workshop (Samios’ father was a shoemaker).
As a teenager he worked at Dionysios Karoussos icon-painting studio and at the same time he attended drawing lessons under Panos Sarafianos so that he could pass the exams in order to enter the School of Fine Arts where he became accepted in 1969.

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Kríton Athanasoúlis | Brano dal mio Testamento/Απόσπασμα από την διαθήκη μου

Herodotus | The father of History

Non voglio che tu sia lo zimbello del mondo.
Ti lascio il sole che lasciò mio padre a me.
Le stelle brilleranno uguali ed uguali ti indurranno
le notti a dolce sonno.
Il mare t'empirà di sogni. Ti lascio
il mio sorriso amareggiato: fanne scialo
ma non tradirmi. Il mondo è povero
oggi. S'è tanto insanguinato questo mondo
ed è rimasto povero. Diventa ricco
tu guadagnando l'amore del mondo.

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Vassilis Solidakis, 1948 | Figurative Expressionist painter

Βασίλης Σολιδάκης was born in Sitia of the Island of Crete, Greece. He boasts to be an 'Eteocris', who is considered to be the indigenous people of Crete with roots in the Minoan period.
Solidakis received training in painting since 1968 and continued his studies in the period 1973-1985 with Dimitris Perdikidis in Madrid, Spain.
He had his first solo exhibition in 1978 in Athens. More one-man and group shows followed in Greece and abroad.

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Vassilis Antonakos, 1980 | Abstract painter /sculptor

Βασίλης Αντωνάκος is an Greek painter🎨, known for work in abstract style.
Antonakos was born in Athens.
For biographical notes and other works see:

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Pavlos Samios (1948-2021) | Greek romance

Παύλος Σάμιος - Pavlos Samios was born in Athens. At an early age, he started painting and drawing by helping his father with his shoe workshop.
He became fond of religious painting that attracted his interest since his childhood and worked in Dionysios Karoussos icon painting workshop until the age of eighteen. At the same time, he attended classes on drawing in Panos Sarafianos workshop whereupon he was accepted at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

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Charis Tsevis / Χάρης Τσέβης, 1967 | Neo-futuristic designer

Charis Tsevis is an Greek🎨 visual designer living and working in Paphos, Cyprus.
He holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Akademie für das Grafische Gewerbe, München and a Master in Visual Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano.
He manages a modest studio on the island of Cyprus serving clients all over the world.

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Ira Tsantekidou, 1967 | Pop / Art Déco painter

Greek painter🎨 Ira Tsantekidou is the professional and and internationally recognized artist, operate in Spain / Mallorca and in Bavaria in her studios and have numerous exhibitions in prestigious galleries, also participating in art fairs in Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.
• 1982/1984 - Art School of Painting and Design
• 1984/1989 - Graduated from State Technical University of Architecture;
• 1989/1992 - Architectural office
• since 1992 - Working as free artist
• since 1995 - Atelier in Thessaloniki (Greece).
• Numbers of different contracts and orders with Greek galleries.
since 2005 Atelier in Augsburg (Germany).