Sayda Afonina, 1965

Russian painter Sayda Afonina [Сайда Афонина] was born in Syzran - the small city of Samara region, located on the Volga river. In 20 years of age graduated Сызранскую art school. The next, 1986, entered in the Penza art school. K.A. Savitsky, which she graduated in 1989. In the same year became the student shortly before the opening of the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture, where he stayed after graduation in 1995, work as a teacher of the chair of the portrait. In 1998-2000 she studied at the graduate school Razhviz.

In 1996, Saida Afonin became a member of International Federation of artists of UNESCO. In 2000 she received the academic title of associate Professor of painting. Participant of the exhibition «New names of Russian realism» 1995, «Russian realism» 1996, personal exhibitions in the Council of rectors of Moscow and Moscow region 1997, Museum of A.N. Ostrovsky 1997, the Moscow Duma 1998, «RUSSIAN ART WEEK» 2009 and many others.

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