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Ernst Lorenz Murowana | Romantic Seascape painter

Ernst Hugo Lorenz-Murowana (Murowana Goślina (Poznan) 1872 - Berlin 1950) was an German painter, active in Berlin. His paintings show predominantly nocturnes views of Berlin, Potsdam, landscapes of Pomerania and from the Baltic Sea, flowers and interiors.
He worked as a painter as well as restorer, and used to live and work in Berlin until his death in 1950.
As he was born in Wielkopolska it is often mistakenly portrayed as a Polish painter.

Ernst Hugo Lorenz-Murowana (Murowana Goślina (Poznan) 1872 - Berlino 1950) è stato un pittore Tedesco, attivo a Berlino. Dipinse notturni, con vista su Berlino e Potsdam, paesaggi di Pomerania e dal Mar Baltico, nature morte ed interni. He lavorato come pittore e restauratore. Visto che era nato in Wielkopolska, è spesso erroneamente considerato come pittore Polacco.

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