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Jacqui Faye, 1956 | Red Shoe

A native Texan, Jacqui Faye works predominantly in acrylics and paints a wide variety of subjects, however her focus is primarily on figurative works.
Recognized for her “Red Shoe” series, Jacqui paints playful, innocent and sometimes provocative compositions using the red shoes to tell the story. Anonymity of her subjects plays an influential role in establishing a strong connection with her audience.
Rooted in realism, the artist challenges herself to depict true-to-life details in her work. She is fascinated with varying shades of color, most notably red, and the way shadow and light play upon patterns.
Jacqui’s longstanding sequence, “The Red Shoe” series, springs from a culmination of visual impressions from the artist’s imagination and life experiences.
She is influenced by the nonconformist, the bohemian, that one in a million who walks to a different beat. The red shoes are iconic representations sprinkled with excitement, passion and a dash of rebellion.
Currently residing in San Antonio, Jacqui’s works can be found in private collections across the U.S., as well as England, Scotland, Wales, and Canada.