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Juliette Aristides, 1971 | Realist painter

American artist🎨 Juliette Aristides is a mid-career artist living in Seattle, Washington. She has studied at The National Academy of Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Aristides is an Elizabeth Greenshields Grant recipient. Juliette Aristides is actively dedicated to rebuilding a traditional arts education in the United States.
She was an original member of the Water Street Atelier and currently teaches at The Seattle Academy of Fine Art, where she founded the award winning🎨 Classical Atelier Program.
Founder and instructor of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA, Aristides teaches workshops both nationally and internationally and is author of:
  • Classical Drawing Atelier;
  • Classical Painting Atelier;
  • Lessons in Classical Drawing with Watson-Guptill, NY.

Aristides has frequently contributed to Artists Magazine and her work has been featured in Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, American Artist🎨 and Gulf Connoisseur Magazine.
She exhibits in one person and group shows nationally.
Aristides has spent years acquiring a rigorous education on the principles of classical realism. She began her studies in 1988 under Myron Barnstone in Design Systems.
She continued to study drawing and painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, then at The Atelier in Minneapolis in the tradition of Richard Lack.
This work was followed two years of instruction at the National Academy in New York with Jacob Collins🎨, while also receiving instruction from Carlos Madrid. Juliette spent a year working with a small group of students at Jacob Collins' studio prior to becoming a founding member of the Water Street Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

  • The Wilder Prize for Drawing;
  • Albert Hallgarten Traveling Scholarship;
  • Elisabeth Greenshields Grant;
  • Living Master, The Art Renewal Center.

"Drawing is the heart and soul of art" - Juliette Aristides

"Il disegno è il cuore e l'anima dell'arte" - Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides (nata nel 1971) è un'artista che vive a Seattle, Washington. Ha studiato alla National Academy of Design ed alla Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.
Aristides è una beneficiario di Elizabeth Greenshields Grant.
Juliette Aristides si dedica attivamente alla ricostruzione della educazione artistica tradizionale negli Stati Uniti.
È stata membro originale dell'Atelier di Water Street ed attualmente insegna all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Seattle, dove ha fondato il pluripremiato programma Atelier classico.
Aristides è regolarmente collaboratore di Artist Magazine ed ha pubblicato tre libri:
  • Classical Drawing Atelier - Atelier di disegno classico;
  • Classical Painting Atelier - Atelier di pittura classica;
  • Lessons in Classical Drawing with Watson-Guptill, NY - Lezioni di disegno classico con Watson-Guptill, NY.