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Richard Macneil, 1956 | Cityscape / Figurative painter

British painter🎨 Richard Macneil🎨 is a self taught artist who has always worked in the creative industry. Born in Worcester, UK in 1958, he started his working life at Worcester Royal Porcelain and has always worked in the fields of sculpture, ceramics and graphics both in the UK and internationally.
Richard spent many years in the USA where his company Bronn Fine Art, produced large, exclusive sculptures of American western art. One of his greatest achievements was seeing his artwork displayed in the Oval office of The White House.

Returning to Suckley, Worcestershire, UK, Richard Macneil🎨 freelanced as an artist for many years. In 2009 together with his wife Judi and sons Daniel and Kyle he formed The Macneil Studio where they exclusively license the art of Richard Macneil.
Richard🎨 has travelled extensively throughout Europe and continues to be entralled and artistically influenced by European archetecture and tradition.
His vision is to create art which appeals and is accessible to all.

Richard Macneil è un artista Britannico autodidatta che ha sempre lavorato nel settore creativo. Nato a Worcester, Regno Unito nel 1958, ha iniziato la sua vita lavorativa a Worcester reale Porcellana e ha sempre lavorato nel campo della scultura, ceramica e grafica sia nel Regno Unito  che livello internazionale.