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Luis Miguel Rodriguez, 1959 | Symbolist painter

Cuban painter Luis Miguel Rodriguez was born in Havana. At the age of 13, his outstanding abilities to create sketches and drawings led to him to be selected by the prestigious academy of art “San Alejandro” of Havana Cuba.
During this time, his love of the sea and the underwater world he discovered temporarily distanced him from the art that he displayed such a passion as well.
His love for underwater diving opened a new prospective for his abilities as an artist.

It was also this time that allowed him to comprehensively explore and gain a great influence of the marine environment which surrounded him during his diving ventures.
These influences are still predominant in his paintings, as it continues to compliment and display his vision of the sea world on the canvas.
Armed with his gifted ability and imagination, he tirelessly pursues his expressions of these visions using the palate and canvas.

Primarily a medium to communicate his surrealist concept, he is further influenced by the addition of his interpretation of the universal plastic arts, expressionism and contemporary art as seen thru the lens of his remarkable imagination.

The impressionist influence can clearly be defined in the chromatic synthesis displayed in his artwork, which serves to express an intensity of light, atmosphere and the reflections these conditions and effects have in his creation.
To the naked eye he allows the complimentary vision of balance that is reflected by his use of dimensions and proportions to further compliment the shadows and shades of colors that enable the viewer to associate with his art.

A good example is of his symbolism is found in his work titled "New York-New York", in which he embodies the human unity of the pain and suffering we all felt as a nation of all creed and colors.
The union if all races and cultures, as seen lifting the Big Apple are irrevocably expressing the bond between us as a people. This resurrection from the ashes is our link to the N.Y.C. phoenix being reborn once more.

This work is on exhibit as part of the permanent collection of the 911 commemorative paintings in the City hall of Manhattan, New York.